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Singapore, the city with diverse culture and traditions, brilliance of art, technology and magnificent architecture, the natural scenic beauty along with exotic food from different countries and warm hospitality makes it one of the sought after tourist destinations of the world today, no wonder Singapore is regarded as the paradise by the tourist around the world.

This city has everything for the visitors to cherish from sky touching skyscrapers, shopping malls, restaurants, cuisines to the deep blue sea diving to watch life beneath water, from heart throbbing natural beauty of island, nightlife, monuments to breathe taking roller coaster ride. With a visit to this beautiful island city of Singapore every visitor takes with them a heaped up memories to share and smile.

Some of the most beautiful and attractive places to visit while on a trip to this city other than the elegant malls and superb dinning places are Singapore Zoo which houses over 350 species of animals and reptiles that roam about the reserved spacious parkland of more than 28 hectors. Visitors are entertained by the thunderous roaring of tigers, summersaults of chimpanzees and other monkeys, riding the Asian elephants and watching the rhinos lock their lone horns could be thrilling for all.

The different themes and rhymes sung by over 9000 chirping birds at Jurong Bird Park, one of the largest and incredible bird parks in Southeast Asia would surely fascinate and make every traveler sing along- Time to learn some bird languages.

Sentosa Island has all the facilitation for tourists to make it a pleasurable experience while in Singapore. The beautiful resorts and luxurious hotels, spa, green lush golf course, exotic dinning halls, theme parks and beaches with festivals round the year makes Singapore tour complete and memorable. To be on this island to enjoy the Universal Studio could also be a dream come true for all the movie lovers.

Escape Theme Park for those who love to shout and scream their hearts out, this theme park in Singapore with a huge range of thrilling and exciting rides and funfair games entertain every visitor with both dry and wet water games and rides. Asian Civilization Museum a form of the National Museums of Singapore offers historical exhibitions and shows on the cultural evolution of Asia, its origin and civilizations. The display of magnificently preserved historical collections at this museum makes every visitor wonder and plunge in the divine history of time.

The broad adventures of Singapore tourism have many more other attractive places including the Pulau Ubin, a small island off the northeast coast of Singapore. Kent Ridge Park a large beautiful park covered with Acacias, Tembusus and other plant habitats. The view of islands, green plants and birds in this park fills one with serene peace and completeness. Welcome to Singapore!

Singapore Tour